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Carboni, M.; Gueguen, M.; Barros, C.; Georges, D.; Boulangeat, I.; Douzet, R.; Dullinger, S.; Klonner, G.; van Kleunen, M.; Essl, F. et al.; Bossdorf, O.; Haeuser, E.; Talluto, M. V.; Moser, D.; Block, S.; Conti, L.; Dullinger, I.; Münkemüller, T.; Thuiller, W.: Simulating plant invasion dynamics in mountain ecosystems under global change scenarios. Global Change Biology 24 (1), S. e289 - e302 (2018)
Haeuser, E.; Dawson, W.; van Kleunen, M.: The effects of climate warming and disturbance on the colonization potential of ornamental alien plant species. Journal of Ecology 105 (6), S. 1698 - 1708 (2017)
Klonner, G.; Dullinger, I.; Wessely, J.; Bossdorf, O.; Carboni, M.; Dawson, W.; Essl, F.; Gattringer, A.; Haeuser, E.; van Kleunen, M. et al.; Kreft, H.; Moser, D.; Pergl, J.; Pyšek, P.; Thuiller, W.; Weigelt, P.; Winter, M.; Dullinger, S.: Will climate change increase hybridization risk between potential plant invaders and their congeners in Europe? Diversity and Distributions 23 (8), S. 934 - 943 (2017)
Mayer, K.; Haeuser, E.; Dawson, W.; Essl, F.; Kreft, H.; Pergl, J.; Pyšek, P.; Weigelt, P.; Winter, M.; Lenzner, B. et al.; van Kleunen, M.: Naturalization of ornamental plant species in public green spaces and private gardens. Biological Invasions 19 (12), S. 3613 - 3627 (2017)
Liu, Y.; Dawson, W.; Prati, D.; Haeuser, E.; Feng, Y.; van Kleunen, M.: Does greater specific leaf area plasticity help plants to maintain a high performance when shaded? Annals of Botany 118 (7), S. 1329 - 1336 (2016)
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