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Feeney, W. E.; Bertucci, F.; Gairin, E.; Siu, G.; Waqalevu, V.; Antoine, M.; Lison de Loma, T.; Planes, S.; Galzin, R.; Lecchini, D.: Long term relationship between farming damselfish, predators, competitors and benthic habitat on coral reefs of Moorea Island. Scientific Reports 11, 14548 (2021)
Journal Article
Walsh, J.; Campagna, L.; Feeney, W. E.; King, J.; Webster, M. S.: Patterns of genetic divergence and demographic history shed light on island‐mainland population dynamics and melanic plumage evolution in the White‐winged Fairywren. Evolution: international journal of organic evolution 75 (6), pp. 1348 - 1360 (2021)
Journal Article
Besson, M.; Feeney, W. E.; Moniz, I.; François, L.; Brooker, R. M.; Holzer, G.; Metian, M.; Roux, N.; Laudet, V.; Lecchini, D.: Anthropogenic stressors impact fish sensory development and survival via thyroid disruption. Nature Communications 11, 3614 (2020)
Journal Article
Brooker, R. M.; Casey, J. M.; Cowan, Z.-L.; Sih, T. L.; Dixson, D. L.; Manica, A.; Feeney, W. E.: Domestication via the commensal pathway in a fish-invertebrate mutualism. Nature Communications 11, 6253 (2020)
Journal Article
Grutter, A. S.; Feeney, W. E.; Hutson, K. S.; McClure, E. C.; Narvaez, P.; Smit, N. J.; Sun, D.; Sikkel, P. C.: Practical methods for culturing parasitic gnathiid isopods. International Journal for Parasitology 50 (10-11), pp. 825 - 837 (2020)
Journal Article
Maggeni, R.; Feeney, W. E.: Insights into the successful breeding of Hawksbill sea turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata) from a long-term captive breeding program. Global Ecology and Conservation 24, e01278 (2020)
Journal Article
Yang, C.; Ye, P.; Huo, J.; Møller, A. P.; Liang, W.; Feeney, W. E.: Sparrows use a medicinal herb to defend against parasites and increase offspring condition. Current Biology 30 (23), pp. R1411 - R1412 (2020)
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