R for Biologists I: Introduction course in R programming language

  • Start: Nov 17, 2014 08:15
  • End: Nov 21, 2014 17:00
  • Speaker: Kamran Safi, MPI for Ornithology
  • Room: U KN, M745
  • Host: University of Konstanz
This course will allow for one week of intense introduction in R a powerful opensource programming environment widely used in scientific research. We will begin with understanding how we can wrok with R to make our lifes as biologists from a wider range of subdisciplines easier. Consequently, we will want to undestand how data can be mined, rearranged and basic visualisations made. This is not a statistics course, it is intended to give a general all purpose introduction in R, from where further exploration can be achieved without the usually steep initial learning curve. Information and registration with kamran.safi@uni-konstanz.de.
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