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Gorman, C. E.; Hulsey, C. D.: Non-trophic functional ecology of vertebrate teeth: A review. Integrative and Comparative Biology 60 (3), S. 665 - 675 (2020)
Gorman, C. E.; Steinecke, C.; van Kleunen, M.; Dorken, M. E.; Stift, M.: A shift towards the annual habit in selfing Arabidopsis lyrata. Biology Letters 16 (9), 20200402 (2020)
Bailey, J. K.; Genung, M. A.; Ware, I.; Gorman, C. E.; Nuland, M. E. V.; Long, H.; Schweitzer, J. A.: Indirect genetic effects: An evolutionary mechanism linking feedbacks, genotypic diversity and coadaptation in a climate change context. Functional Ecology 28 (1), S. 87 - 95 (2014)
Gorman, C. E.; Potts, B. M.; Schweitzer, J. A.; Bailey, J. K.: Shifts in species interactions due to the evolution of functional differences between endemics and non-endemics: An endemic syndrome hypothesis. PLoS One 9 (10), e111190 (2014)
Gorman, C. E.; Read, Q. D.; Nuland, M. E. V.; Bryant, J. A. M.; N.Welch, J.; Altobelli, J. T.; Douglas, M. J.; Genung, M. A.; Haag, E. N.; Jones, D. N. et al.; Long, H. E.; Wilburn, A. D.; Schweitzer, J. A.; Bailey, J. K.: Species identity influences belowground arthropod assemblages via functional traits. Annals of Botany Plants 5, plt049 (2013)
Nuland, M. E. V.; Haag, E. N.; Bryant, J. A. M.; Read, Q. D.; Klein, R. N.; Douglas, M. J.; Gorman, C. E.; Greenwell, T. D.; Busby, M. W.; Collins, J. et al.; LeRoy, J. T.; Schuchmann, G.; Schweitzer, J. A.; Bailey, J. K.: Fire promotes pollinator visitation: Implications for ameliorating declines of pollination services. PLoS One 8 (11), e79853 (2013)
Lebkuecher, J.; Anderson, K.; Gorman, C. E.: Characteristics and algae growth in the west fork of the Red River in North-central Tennessee. Tennessee Section of the American Water Resources Association 22, S. 14 - 20 (2012)
Gorman, C. E.; Bruton, M. S.; Estes, L. D.: Macrothelypteris Torresiana (Thelypteridaceae) new to Kentucky. Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas 5 (1), S. 343 - 344 (2011)
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