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Journal Article
Wei, G.-W.; Chen, Y.-H.; Sun, X.-S.; Matsubara, S.; Luo, F.-L.; Yu, F.-H.: Elevation-dependent selection for plasticity in leaf and root traits of Polygonum hydropiper in response to flooding. Environmental and Experimental Botany 182, 104331 (2021)
Journal Article
Wei, G.-W.; Sun, X.-S.; Chen, Y.-H.; Luo, F.-L.; Yu, F.-H.: Growth and reproductive responses of Polygonum hydropiper populations to elevational difference associated with flooding. Global Ecology and Conservation 23, e01156 (2020)
Journal Article
Wei, G.-W.; Chen, Y.; Sun, X.-S.; Chen, Y.-H.; Luo, F.-L.; Yu, F.-H.: Growth responses of eight wetland species to water level fluctuation with different ranges and frequencies. PLoS One 14 (7), e0220231 (2019)
Journal Article
Xing, Y.-P.; Wei, G.-W.; Luo, F.-L.; Li, C.-Y.; Dong, B.-C.; Ji, J.-S.; Yu, F.-H.: Effects of salinity and clonal integration on the amphibious plant Paspalum paspaloides: Growth, photosynthesis and tissue ion regulation. Journal of Plant Ecology 12 (1), pp. 45 - 55 (2019)
Journal Article
Luo, F.-L.; Matsubara, S.; Chen, Y.; Wei, G.-W.; Dong, B.-C.; Zhang, M.-X.; Yu, F.-H.: Consecutive submergence and de-submergence both impede growth of a riparian plant during water level fluctuations with different frequencies. Environmental and Experimental Botany 155, pp. 641 - 649 (2018)
Journal Article
Wei, G.-W.; Shu, Q.; Luo, F.-L.; Chen, Y.-H.; Dong, B.-C.; Mo, L.-C.; Huang, W.-J.; Yu, F.-H.: Separating effects of clonal integration on plant growth during submergence and de-submergence. Flora 246–247, pp. 118 - 125 (2018)
Journal Article
Luo, F.‐.; Xing, Y.‐.; Wei, G.-W.; Li, C.‐.; Yu, F.‐.: Clonal integration facilitates spread of Paspalum paspaloides from terrestrial to cadmium‐contaminated aquatic habitats. Plant Biology 19 (6), pp. 859 - 867 (2017)
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