Publications of Ali Haroon Ali Omer

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Omer, A. H. A.; Fristoe, T.; Yang, Q.; Maurel, N.; Weigelt, P.; Kreft, H.; Bleilevens, J.; Dawson, W.; Essl, F.; Pergl, J. et al.; Pyšek, P.; van Kleunen, M.: Characteristics of the naturalized flora of Southern Africa largely reflect the non-random introduction of alien species for cultivation. Ecography 44 (12), pp. 1812 - 1825 (2021)
Journal Article
Omer, A. H. A.; Kordofani, M.; Gibreel, H. H.; Pysek, P.; van Kleunen, M.: The alien flora of Sudan and South Sudan: Taxonomic and biogeographical composition. Biological Invasions 23 (7), pp. 2033 - 2045 (2021)
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