Elena Horas

IMPRS Doctoral Student
University of Konstanz
+49 7531 88-3532

Main Focus

I study the role that species interactions have on the evolutionary and ecological dynamics of the communities they make up. I am mai'nly iriterested in understanding how the number of interactions in a community, as'Well as the type of interaction, determine species coexistence and coevolution through direct or indirect effects. To do so, I am working with a system composed of a focal species, the algae Chiarella variabilis, its lytic virus PBCV-1 and its symbiotic ciliate Paramecium bursaria. By running long-term microcosm experiments made up of communities with one or more types of interactions, I aim to assess how the ecological dynamics of each species vary depending on community composition, which traits does each species evolve, the pace at which they do so and the effects of ecological and evolutionary feedbacks.

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2013. BSc Marine Biology - University of Liverpool (UK)
  • 2017. MSc Freshwater and Marine Ecology - Queen Mary University of London (UK)
  • 2018 - present. PhD candidate - Max Planck for Evolutionary Biology and Limnology Institute at the University of Konstanz
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