Veronika Rohr

Forschungsgruppe Küpper
MPI für Ornithologie Seewiesen
Haus 5, 0.18, Seewiesen


I am interested in variation between and within individuals and species in behaviour and ecology. I’m keen to use the outcome of my studies to inform and improve conservation efforts. Currently, I am a student at Munich Graduate School for Evolution, Ecology and Systematics, Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich. For my Master’s thesis, I am investigating the effects of natal downy feathers on camouflage of precocial Snowy Plover chicks. These chicks rely on camouflage from hatching until fledging when they are vulnerable to predators and I’m examining the effects of their feathers on disruptive colouration. I will analyse digital images of multiple chicks on different backgrounds for a di-, tri- and tetrachromatic visual system to cover the vision of different types of predators.


2017 – Present: Master's student in Munich Graduate School for Evolution, Ecology and Systematics at the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich
Master Thesis topic: Camouflage in precocial chicks

2014 – 2017: Bachelor of Science in Biology, Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich

Bachelor thesis: “Variation in Birdsong and Aggression in Great Tits Parus major”,

Research Group of Behavioural Ecology, Prof. Niels Dingemanse


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