Aarti Sehdev

Aarti Sehdev

University of Konstanz

Main Focus

My project focuses on odour-object segregation in honeybees. This involves understanding their neural and behavioural responses to aversive and attractive odours, and the effects of learning on the neural representation of these odours.

My work is part of a global collaborative project funded by the Human Frontiers Science Program. Our collaborators come from Arizona, Sussex and Tokyo, and together we aim to understand fully the mechanisms of odour-background segregation, to create a model of these neural networks and eventually build a flying robot that can process and identify odours like a honeybee.

If required, you will most likely find me outside talking to my bees.

Curriculum Vitae

  • International Max Planck Research School of Organismal Biology 2015-present. PhD student in insect neurobiology, University of Konstanz.
  • University College London 2011-2015.(Third year abroad at the University of Western Australia.) Integrated Master in Science in Biological Sciences. First Class Honours.
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