Dr. Stefan Greif

Dr. Stefan Greif

Guest Researcher
MPI for Ornithology Seewiesen
Research Group Goerlitz

Main Focus

I am most interested in animals' sensory systems and capabilities and how those shape their perception and interaction with the environment. My research focus so far was on bats which I studied e.g. during my PhD studies at the MPIO. At the moment I am based as a postdoc with Yossi Yovel at Tel Aviv University, Israel, but continue to be connected with the group of Dr. Goerlitz as guest researcher.

  • Bite force of European bat species (in collab. with A. Herrel, C.N.R.S./ Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris)
  • Olfactory cues in bat communication (in collab. with M. Schuman and I. Baldwin, MPI for Chemical Ecology, Jena
  • Strategies of Natterer’s bat (Myotis nattereri) for detecting cryptic prey
  • Habitat recognition in bats (PhD thesis)

  • Curriculum Vitae

    I studied biology at the University of Tübingen (Germany).
    After working as an honorary researcher at the University of Auckland (New Zealand) in 2003/2004, I finished my studies with a diploma thesis on detection strategies of Natterer’s bats.
    In January 2007 I moved to the Max Planck Institute in Seewiesen to do a PhD on habitat recognition in bats.
    My field work during the summer months will be conducted in Bulgaria at the field station of the Siemers group in Tabachka.
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