Dr. Pietro D'Amelio

Department Gahr
IMPRS Alumni
MPI for Ornithology Seewiesen
Cape Town, South Africa

Main Focus

On zebra finch communication
The pairing behavior of zebra finches has been deeply studied. However, the involvement of calls in this process has insufficiently been addressed. Telemetric devices allow us to simultaneously record the calling behavior and its neural correlates. The project consists of a set of experiments aimed to: i) describe the pair formation, ii) test the importance of calling behavior during mate choice, and iii) describe the brain activation of the auditory secondary area during pair formation and during calling communication with the partner. The aim of the project is to deepen our knowledge of bird vocal behavior. This is important in order to help to understand why vocal communication has evolved and how it takes place.

Curriculum Vitae

Oct 2011 MSc in Conservation and Evolution, Pisa University, Italy
Mar 2009 BSc in Ecology and Biodiversity, Pisa University, Italy
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