Jacqueline van der Meij

Jacqueline van der Meij

IMPRS Doctoral Student
MPI for Ornithology Seewiesen
Research Group Rattenborg

Main Focus

System-level neuronal activity in the sleeping avian brain
Since all animals spend a significant amount of time in a state of reduced consciousness (i.e. sleep), it is thought that sleep has an essential function. Although several hypotheses for the function of sleep have been proposed (e.g. memory consolidation), its exact purpose remains actively debated.
My approach will be to examine the function of sleep by using innovative electrophysiological techniques (e.g. high density array) to make acute and chronic recordings of slow-oscillation brain activity, in both anaesthetized and naturally sleeping birds. Current models suggest that the various brain rhythms occurring throughout the mammalian brain form a system thought to be involved in processing memories. In contrast, virtually nothing is known about how the avian brain operates as a system during sleep and how this compares to what is known in mammals. This will be the focus of my dissertation.

Curriculum Vitae

Feb 2013 MSc in Teaching Biology, Graduate School of Teaching, Leiden University, The Netherlands
Jul 2012 MSc in Biology: Evolution, Biodiversity and Conservation, Leiden University, The Netherlands
Jul 2010 BSc in Biology: Leiden University, The Netherlands 
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