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Speaker: Prof. Dr. Engelbert Niehaus Room: P602 Location: University of Konstanz

Space, Connectivity and One Health

Space, Connectivity and One Health
  • Date: May 20, 2019
  • Time: 14:30 - 16:00
  • Speaker: Prof. Dr. Engelbert Niehaus
  • Bert Niehaus is Professor at the University of Koblenz Landau and holds a PhD in Mathematics and Informatics. His strong interest lies in the application of the Open Community Approach (OCA) to One Health. He is a member of the 'Expert Focus Group on Space & Global Health' and co-founder of the ReGLaN - Research Group Learning and Neuroscience.
  • Location: University of Konstanz
  • Room: P602
  • Host: IMPRS for Organismal Biology
  • Contact:
Migratory birds move over long distances. If equipped with tracking devices birds create digital tracks in space. Tracking data in general create a measure of connectivity between patches and habitats. As birds are vectors for diseases their tracking data can be used to establish risk management strategies. This One Health scenario is used as starting point to link animal health, environmental health and human health. Further examples are presented to show the generic principles of the One Health approach. Space technology is considered in different examples to contribute to One Health risk management strategies. Risk mitigations strategies are dependent on the connectivity measure and the spatial representation risks. Finally the conclusions are made, how IT innovation and exponential technologies have an impact on the evolution of risk management One Health by application of the Open Community Approach (OCA). [more]
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