Past events 2019

Speaker: Dr. Nora Carlson Room: MaxLounge Location: MPIO Möggingen

Conference science communication: creating and presenting a research story

Conference science communication
  • Start: Jul 31, 2019 09:00
  • End: Aug 2, 2019 17:00
  • Speaker: Dr. Nora Carlson
  • Nora is a Marie Curie Individual Research Fellow in Prof Iain Couzin's Collective Behavior Group at the Max Plank Institute for Ornithology and the University of Konstanz. Her project will investigate how birds use visual and vocal information to coordinate group movement and maintain group cohesion. She will also test how these methods of maintenance and coordination are affected by different visual and acoustic environments, to determine the effects of anthropogenic noise on flocking behaviour in birds.
  • Location: MPIO Möggingen
  • Room: MaxLounge
  • Host: IMPRS for Organismal Biology
  • Contact:
Communicating your research at venues such as conferences is an important part of every scientist’s career, and a communicating it effectively can open doors to amazing opportunities and collaborations. However, these opportunities, to some extent, hinge on whether your talk or poster engages with people, communicates your message clearly, and is memorable. This 3-day joint workshop aims to give you the tools to make your posters attractive, encouraging more people to visit, and provide some rules of thumb to make your presentations more engaging and clearly understood. [more]
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