Past events 2019

Location: MPI Seewiesen

Essential PhD Toolkit

Essential PhD Toolkit
A researcher’s guide to gaining self-confidence, effectively persuading & innovative problem solving. A PhD. is a huge undertaking and you need a wide range of skills and the ability to maintain your self motivation to achieve your goals. Participants will learn useful, easy-to-follow guidelines which will enable them to improve their self-confidence, come up with innovative solutions and effectively persuade people to buy into their ideas. This workshop will teach participants techniques to be more confident, more motivated and more productive. [more]

Python Course - Introduction to Software Engineering

Python Course - Introduction to Software Engineering
Introduction to general programming, focusing on data processing using Python. This program prepares people to create their own software solutions. Allowing them to build code that processes data, generates graphics and creates statistical information. To conclude the course we will dedicate the last day to a workshop in which we will take a look at each participant’s code and discuss about different ways to make the code cleaner and easy to read. We will also help the participants with specific programming problems they have had while developing a code for their own data. [more]


Scientists need more
This 3-day workshops is obligatory for the new phD students and offers a first overview on how to get started. AIM - The development of scientific competence of researchers at Max Planck institutes is a major goal. Ph.D. students improve their communication with the supervisor and colleagues, develop professional skills in team working, networking, planning and project management and know how to use feedback in order to deliver a successful performance. This will enhance their overall effectiveness as they pursue their research studies and maximize success of their future careers. METHOD - Participants will experience interactive lectures, moderated discussions and perform activities to learn from first-hand experience. We will safely move them outside their “comfort zone” to the “learning zone” (Gerald Hüther) to enhance acquisition of novel skills. The experienced challenges are discussed in carefully moderated and focused review sessions, using peer-to-peer feedback as a powerful tool. [more]

Cancelled! Conference Presentation: Engaging the Listener in Your Talk

Conference Presentation: Engaging the Listener in Your Talk
This activity-based workshop led by theatre professionals provides participants the opportunity to perfect their public-speaking skills, to improve non-verbal communication and the ability to listen and react generously. Participants are required to prepare a three to five minute overview of their work incorporating also the use of a slide, providing a basis for applying the practical aims of the workshop, which are to communicate the importance and relevance of the work and the core message in the talk. [more]
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