Past events 2019

Host: IMPRS for Organismal Biology Location: Seewiesen

Efficient Reading - How to filter and memorize complex information

Efficient Reading
In this course you will establish and practice efficient reading routines for longer texts. In addition to handling both digital and analog texts quickly and effectively you will learn how to improve your memory of complex information. You will learn strategies to read and memorize information in a way that is optimally suited to how your brain operates and practice using these strategies both with course materials and some of your own reading material. [more]
Our annual Grand Challenges Symposia focus each year on a specific area of interest in the wide range of topics from animal behavior, ecology, and evolution to physiology and neuro­biology, suggested by the PhD candidates of our IMPRS. The symposia consist of a series of talks by guest speakers, faculty and students of our program and represent the inaugural event for the latest student cohort. [more]

Good Scientific Practice

Good Scientific Practice
As a researcher, one has the privilege to work freely and creatively, pursuing own interests and adding to the knowledge base of the scientific community - and the community in general. This freedom comes with responsibility: The responsibility for self-control, accuracy, honesty, efficiency and objectivity. The scientific community has introduced rules of Research Integrity, which aim to preserve the freedom of research and prevent scientific misconduct. [more]
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