Past events 2012

Speaker: Bärbel Tress, Tress & Tress

Coping with the Challenges of a PhD

This course provides in-depth guidelines on how to cope with the most common challenges involved in researching and writing a PhD. This training course equips you with the tools and techniques you need to complete your PhD successfully and on schedule. You learn how to work more efficiently, how to save time, and how to identify and focus on the essentials. You learn how to employ management tools to monitor your progress, as well as gaining a greater understanding of how to optimize supervision and how to get the support you need. You learn how to plan the thesis-writing process and how to incorporate writing tasks into your normal working day. You gain an increased awareness of the career choices open to you, and of what might be the best career options for you personally. This training course will help increase your satisfaction with life as a PhD student, and to become a fully professional academic. [more]
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