Past events 2012

Speaker: Fränzi Korner-Nievergelt, Oikostat Room: MPIO Radolfzell
day 1: LM (linear regression, multiple regression, ANOVA, ANCOVA, least-square method, parametrisation, interactions, tests (marginal and sequential), model selection, model assumptions, predictions); day 2: LME (linear mixed models, maximum likelihood, restricted maximum likelihood, random and fixed effects, likelihood ratio test / bootstrap, random slopes-random intercept models, depending on participants further model types); day 3 LME (Bayesian way of fitting a linear model, model matrix, simulating posterior distributions of model parameters, predictions, posterior probabilities of hypotheses, preparing data for work on own data); day 4: projects (work on own data and presentations) Requirements Modul 1, basic knowledge in statistics [more]
day 1: binominal model (repetition LM, logistic regression, binomial model, tests, model assumtions, overdispersion, predictions); day 2: poisson model (poisson model, tests, model assumptions, overdispersion, predictions, depending on participants: zero-inflation, mixture models); day 3 GLMM (including random effects, Bayesian way of fitting a model, glmer-function and MCMCglmm-finction, depending on participants: introduction to WinBUGS and further mixture models); day 4: projects (work on own data and presentations) Requirements Modul 1 and 2, basic knowledge in statistics, linear models (ANOVA) and linear mixed models [more]
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