Past events 2012

Room: MPIO Radolfzell Host: IMPRS for Organismal Biology

Video Workshop

The participants will get a detailed insight into professional video-production. They will actively participate during all production steps (planning, scripting, shooting, and cutting) and get to know the journalists view on scientific research projects. Two video portraits about two participants and their PhD projects will be produced at this workshop. Already produced videos can be found at our YouTube channel. [more]

Oral Presentation Workshop

The participants will train oral scientific presentations. [more]
day 1: LM (linear regression, multiple regression, ANOVA, ANCOVA, least-square method, parametrisation, interactions, tests (marginal and sequential), model selection, model assumptions, predictions); day 2: LME (linear mixed models, maximum likelihood, restricted maximum likelihood, random and fixed effects, likelihood ratio test / bootstrap, random slopes-random intercept models, depending on participants further model types); day 3 LME (Bayesian way of fitting a linear model, model matrix, simulating posterior distributions of model parameters, predictions, posterior probabilities of hypotheses, preparing data for work on own data); day 4: projects (work on own data and presentations) Requirements Modul 1, basic knowledge in statistics [more]
day 1: binominal model (repetition LM, logistic regression, binomial model, tests, model assumtions, overdispersion, predictions); day 2: poisson model (poisson model, tests, model assumptions, overdispersion, predictions, depending on participants: zero-inflation, mixture models); day 3 GLMM (including random effects, Bayesian way of fitting a model, glmer-function and MCMCglmm-finction, depending on participants: introduction to WinBUGS and further mixture models); day 4: projects (work on own data and presentations) Requirements Modul 1 and 2, basic knowledge in statistics, linear models (ANOVA) and linear mixed models [more]
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