Past IMPRS events 2016

Location: University of Konstanz
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Introduction to GAM and GAMM with R

Introduction to GAM and GAMM with R
Commencing with a basic introduction to generalised additive models (GAM) to analyse continuous data, count data and binary/proportional data. In the second part of the course generalised additive mixed effects models (GAMM) are introduced to analyse nested data. During the course several case studies are presented, in which the statistical theory is integrated with applied analyses in a clear and understandable manner. [more]
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Our annual Grand Challenges Symposia focus each year on a specific area of interest in the wide range of topics from animal behavior, ecology, and evolution to physiology and neuro­biology, suggested by the PhD candidates of our IMPRS. The symposia consist of a series of talks by guest speakers, faculty and students of our program and represent the inaugural event for the latest student cohort. [more]
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Official welcoming of thenew PhD students in the context of the Academic Ceremony. Following the ceremony, Olga Mayans will give her inaugural lecture on “Proteins in action: the molecular consequences of force in an active muscle“. Theevent takes place in room R 712 at U KN. [more]
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