Jobhunting the German Way: from Science to Industry

  • Start: Sep 23, 2021 09:30 c.t.
  • End: Sep 24, 2021 16:30
  • Speaker: Yvonne Brockhaus
  • - Personalberatung, Internationale Trainings, Karrierecoaching
  • Location: online
  • Host: IMPRS for Organismal Biology
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Jobhunting the German Way: from Science to Industry
Optimize your career chances by understanding companies‘ needs, with tips and tricks from seasoned HR Manager Yvonne Brockhaus.

She has helped more than 1.000 jobseekers from all over the world find work in Germany. Based on her 15 years of Human Resources experience in 5 countries, she tells you all the Do`s and Don`ts of applying for a job. Together we will analyze your skills and "translate" them into your own Coat of Arms for your Elevator Pitch and optimize your CV to fit the 40 seconds rule. Yvonne also shares her extensive company network, gives you some motivating advice on how to find jobs on the hidden job market and behind the scenes perspective on how to convince your dream employer - especially when making a career switch from Academia to Industry, and/or as a PhD, a woman or Non-German!

Yvonne Brockhaus (40), is an internationally booked business trainer with 15 years’ work experience as Human Ressources Manager and Headhunter. Having worked for more than a dozen Max Planck Institutes and other research organizations as well as universities before, and thanks to her scientist husband, she bridges the gap between university and business work environments, always in a motivating and entertaining way. Her 2nd USP is explaining the German jobhunting and work culture to newcomers from other countries. Yvonne built her worldwide network of nearly 4.000 companies both in Academia and Industry while working for German and international business clients at Chambers of Commerces abroad (AHKs). She has given workshops in the USA, Western Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Currently residing in the Stuttgart area, her contacts span the DACH region and beyond. Her adult education experience includes workshops for companies (CEOs and Heads of HR) and Academia (University Students, PhDs, Post-Grads, Post-Docs, Junior and Tenured Professors). As a career coach she has helped >1.000 mostly Academic jobseekers to make their career switch. More info:

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