Career day for Biologists

Career day for Biologists

  • Date: Mar 28, 2019
  • Time: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Location: University of Konstanz
  • Room: R512
  • Host: IMPRS for Organismal Biology & Research Training Group R3
  • Contact:
Career day for Biologists
Visit the Career Day for Biologists to learn more about jobs outside academia! Do you know Samuel Wasser? He was a biologists and helped to catch one of the most active ivory smuggler in West Africa- with DNA tests of elephant dung. Well, not every job at university sounds so exciting, and not everybody wants to stay in academia. But which options exist for biologists besides working in academia? Many biologists are as versatile as a chameleon in their professional life and work in jobs you would never expect them.

At the Career Day for Biologists we would like to present you three biologists, who work in exciting jobs outside academia.
Sarah Koch works as Associate Editor at Springer Verlag, an international publisher, Thomas Jankowski is employed at the Regional Council in Freiburg and Carla Bänziger ended up at the Bank Vontobel. How they found their jobs and what their daily work looks like you can learn in their talks at the Career Day.

During our Lunch talk you can ask our three guest even more questions. Or you use lunch break to visit our CV check. We know what potential employers are paying attention to.
In the afternoon we offer practical experience in six different workshops. You can choose if you want to learn more about networking, your competencies, requirements for international employees in Germany or self-employment. Or you can practice a job interview in German or English.

The Career Day for Biologists is just the thing for those who are considering applying for a job outside academia, but don´t know much about it yet.

Please register via , deadline March 10!

Organized by the Research Training Group R3 – Resilience of Lake Ecosystems and the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Organismal Biology, in collaboration with the Academic Staff Development, Career Service, International office, Kilometer1, and Office for Equal Opportunity, Family Affairs and Diversity.

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