Equal opportunity officer in Seewiesen

Dr. Sabine Spehn
Dr. Sabine Spehn
Press and Public Relation Officer
Phone: +49 8157 932-421
Mobil: +49 173 7155753
Room: Seewiesen

Equal opportunity officer in Radolfzell/Konstanz

Marion Muturi
Technical Assistant
Phone: +49 7732 1501-24
Room: Radolfzell

Equal opportunities in the Max Planck Society

Dr. Ulla Weber
Dr. Ulla Weber
Zentrale Gleichstellungsbeauftragte
Phone:+49 89 2108-1421

Equal opportunities

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The Max Planck Society has set internal targets to implement the principles of equality and equal treatment stated in the constitution. The society as well as us as an institute have the conviction that equal opportunities for all employees is an essential prerequisite for the future viability of a research institution. Irrespective of gender, origin or physical limitations, we promote the development of the individual abilities of all employees. To achieve equal opportunities, we place particular emphasis on the promotion of the career of young researchers and thereby have a special focus on the female scientists. They are still heavily underrepresented on management level and have more unclear future perspectives than their male counterparts. We try to improve the compatibility of family and professional activity.

The Equal Opportunities Officer at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology helps with the implementation of these goals and is also contact person for all questions regarding gender equality and gender sensibility. She contributes to all personnel, organisational and social measures that concern gender equality of women and men, compatibility of family and work, protection against sexual harrassment and mobbing at the workplace.

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