Non-vocal communication of different species which live in comparable complex social systems. ©MPIO/Pika/Langergraber/Schlögl

Comparative Social Systems

Chimpanzees use so called directed scratches to refer to distinct body parts to be groomed.

Great Apes

As described in Project 2, we carry out our studies at different field sites in Africa and Asia.

Ravens use, similar to chimpanzees, gestural signals to request preening from their partner.


We investigate the behaviour of ravens (Corvus Corax) and rooks (Corvus frugilegus) in captivity (MPIO, Germany and KLF, Austria) and in the field (Weilheim, Germany; Grünau, Austria), in cooperation with Prof. T. Bugnyar and Prof. K. Kotrschal, Universität Vienna, Austria.

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