Female power: Lise Meitner Group Leaders

A portrait of the first nine Lise Meitner Group Leaders

June 25, 2019

Free scientific development, long-term career security and clear career prospects - these are the cornerstones of the Lise Meitner Excellence Program. In 2018, the MPG launched the four-year pilot phase of the program. Almost 300 candidates seized the opportunity to apply for Group Leader positions.

The applicants for the first call came from 42 countries; 74 percent were EU citizens and the remaining 26 percent came from non-EU countries. Candidates underwent a competitive selection process, conducted by a committee of national and international experts from various fields. Thirty-one highly qualified applicants were invited to give a personal presentation at a selection symposium. The Max Planck Society appointed twelve brilliant young female scientists on the basis of their impressive research successes to date and their demonstrably strong potential. Nine of them have already confirmed the appointments.

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