a workshop room in the workshop area


Experiencing research through art and craftsmanship and stimulating further thought.

We officially opened our workshop rooms 2011 in July.

In a “creative laboratory,” topics from our current research can be artistically and hand-craftily processed and implemented in the workshop room, pottery room with kiln and computer room.  At the same time, we have direct access to a work terrace outside and the Bee Marie.  It offers the chance to observe animals, insects and plants in their natural habitat.

This new workshop area provides a space to wake inquiring minds; knowledge is experienced and not explained.  The visitor, regardless if young or old, can discover his joy of experimentation and develop his own questions and ideas.  MaxCine offers a unique possibility to communicate research, find new paths with the scientists and see where the paths lead.

In our children’s workshops, which are offered in the school holidays and on a weekly basis, we trust in natural curiosity and a thirst for knowledge and put these into practice creatively.  At the same time, we allow for holistic growth and a life surrounded by research with the adult scientists.



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