At the institute, we strive to avoid gender-specific prejudices, valuations, overhauled reductions, and poorly understood structures. Job advertisements are gender-neutral, people with disabilities are encouraged to apply and we promote equality in the selection process.

The Max Planck Society is also working with various programs and initiatives primarily to help young scientists to master their crucial next career step.

Programs for female scientists

Independent Max Planck Research Groups: The MPS offers excellent junior scientists an additional opportunity to qualify for a further career as leader of an independent research group for five years. Funds for personnel, equipment and running costs are provided. Some of these groups are reserved for women scientists.

Lise Meitner excellence program: Up to ten additional Max Planck research groups are advertised for women scientists every year.

The initiative SignUp! is aimed for female postdocs. They get prepared for scientific leadership positions through a module-based training program. Participating helps these scientists to strengthen their network and use it to orient themselves, get motivated and find support in their career development.

PhD students with a child of the Max Planck Society can apply for support through the Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard-Foundation. The stipend is intended to reduce the difficulty of managing simultaneously a household, child care and a scientific career.

There is the possibility for women scientists to extend their employment relationship by 6 months in case of pregnancy and childbirth.

Voluntary Commitment of the Max Planck Society

By means of fixed occupational quotas, the MPS wants to increase the proportion of women in management positions on three different pay levels. Occupational quotas indicate the proportion of vacant positions for women.

The MPS is also a member of Initiative "Chefsache", a network of institutions that are involved in furthering equal opportunities that awards best practice examples. The aim is to create an equal balance of women and men in leadership positions.

The Permanent Presidential Committee "Chances" has been established to embed the issue of equal opportunities at the management level of the MPS. It is chaired by the Vice President of the Max Planck Society, Prof. Angela Friederici.

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