Work and familiy

Long-term professional success requires a balance between professional and private life. For this purpose, it is important, that care is provided for the children or dependent relatives.

Family friendliness

The MPIO is considering the interests of families when scheduling meetings. Our institute seminars and most of the work meetings take place until the early afternoon to give part-time working mothers and fathers the opportunity to participate. The provided flexitime allows flexibility. Temporary part-time work is possible. In individual cases, working from home can also be arranged.

Breastfeeding mothers have the option of using a private room on request.

Many of our researchers take the state-funded parental leave ("Elternzeit", up to 12 months) when they have a child. We encourage both men and women to take advantage of this time with their growing family. We help them reintegrate into their work environment after their return. Please contact us if you need support returning to work after parental leave.

The "Christiane-Nüsslein-Volhard-Foundation" promotes doctoral students from science and medical subjects with up to 400 € / month to facilitate the double burden of careers and child care/household.

When a female laboratory based employee becomes pregnant we work on an individual solution to allow her to continue her scientific work without endangering herself or her child. The Max Planck Society provides a practical guideline for the implementation at the institutes - please get in contact with us.

Contract extension up to 6 months

Scientist with funded projects can apply for child grants. There is an option for female scientists to extend a fixed term contract by six months to allow pregnancy and childbirth.


Parent-child office

Unfortunately, we do not have a children's day-care center in Seewiesen or Radolfzell, but we are happy to help with arranging care centers in the area. The University of Konstanz offers a child care center (see link in the right column). In addition, as done in all institutes of the Max Planck Society, it is also possible for our employees to use the services of the pme family service. Besides the classical placement of childcare facilities such as nannies, au pair, short-term emergency care in private households, conference child care (school-age children) and holiday care (children up to 14 years), the portfolio also includes elderly and homecare services by house staff and advice on the subject. The Max Planck Society bears the costs for the consultation and mediation services. The costs of the actual care are borne by the parents. 

Our parent-child office at the Seewiesen site is a flexible option for the short-term care of a child under the supervision of a parent, especially in the event of a short-term failure of other care facilities.

Depending on requirement and capacity, we offer childcare during events and holidays, or on school days such as the Day of Repentance and Prayer.

On request, a reimbursement is possible for necessary additional childcare on the weekend/evening or on business trips within the framework of the MPG rules (up to 80 € / day / child, up to 600 € / year / child).

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