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Casagrande, S.; Stier, A.; Monaghan, P.; Loveland, J. L.; Boner, W.; Lupi, S.; Trevisi, R.; Hau, M.: Increased glucocorticoid concentrations in early life cause mitochondrial inefficiency and short telomeres. The Journal of Experimental Biology 223 (15), jeb222513 (2020)
Journal Article
Cruz-López, M.; Fernández, G.; Hipperson, H.; Palacios, E.; Cavitt, J.; Galindo-Espinosa, D.; Gómez del Angel, S.; Pruner, R.; Gonzalez, O.; Burke, T. et al.; Küpper, C.: Allelic diversity and patterns of selection at the major histocompatibility complex class I and II loci in a threatened shorebird, the Snowy Plover (Charadrius nivosus). BMC Evolutionary Biology 20, 114 (2020)
Journal Article
D’Urban Jackson, J.; Bruford, M. W.; Székely, T.; DaCosta, J. M.; Sorenson, M. D.; Russo, I. M.; Maher, K. H.; Cruz-López, M.; Galindo‑Espinosa, D.; Palacios, E. et al.; de Sucre‑Medrano, A. E.; Cavitt, J.; Pruner, R.; Morales, A. L.; Gonzalez, O.; Burke, T.; Küpper, C.: Population differentiation and historical demography of the threatened snowy plover Charadrius nivosus (Cassin, 1858). Conservation Genetics 21 (3), pp. 387 - 404 (2020)
Journal Article
dos Remedios, N.; Küpper, C.; Székely, T.; Zefania, S.; Burns, F.; Boltons, M.; Lee, P. L. M.: Genetic structure among Charadrius plovers on the African mainland and islands of Madagascar and St. Helena. Ibis 162 (1), pp. 104 - 118 (2020)
Journal Article
Eberhart-Phillips, L. J.; Cruz-López, M.; Lozano-Angulo, L.; Ángel, S. G. d.; Rojas-Abreu, W.; Bucio-Pacheco, M.; Küpper, C.: CeutaOPEN, individual-based field observations of breeding snowy plovers Charadrius nivosus. Scientific Data 7, 149 (2020)
Journal Article
Giraldo Deck, L. M.; Goymann, W.; Safari, I.; Dawson, D. A.; Stocks, M.; Burke, T.; Lank, D. B.; Küpper, C.: Development of intraspecific size variation in black coucals, white‐browed coucals and ruffs from hatching to fledging. Journal of Avian Biology 51 (8), e02440 (2020)
Journal Article
Halimubieke, N.; Kupan, K.; Valdebenito, J. O.; Kubelka, V.; Carmona-Isunza, M. C.; Burgas, D.; Catlin, D.; St. Clair, J. J. H.; Cohen, J.; Figuerola, J. et al.; Yasué, M.; Johnson, M.; Mencarelli, M.; Cruz-López, M.; Stantial, M.; Weston, M. A.; Lloyd, P.; Que, P.; Montalvo, T.; Bansal, U.; McDonald, G. C.; Liu, Y.; Kosztolányi, A.; Székely, T.: Successful breeding predicts divorce in plovers. Scientific Reports 10, 15576 (2020)
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