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Cruz-López, M.; Eberhart-Phillips, L. J.; Fernández, G.; Beamonte-Barrientos, R.; Székely, T.; Serrano-Meneses, M. A.; Küpper, C.: The plight of a plover: Viability of an important snowy plover population with flexible brood care in Mexico. Biological Conservation 209, pp. 440 - 448 (2017)
Journal Article
D’Urban Jackson, J.; dos Remedios, N.; Maher, K. H.; Zefania, S.; Haig, S.; Oyler-McCance, S.; Blomqvist, D.; Burke, T.; Bruford, M. W.; Székely, T. et al.; Küpper, C.: Polygamy slows down population divergence in shorebirds. Evolution: International journal of organic evolution 71 (5), pp. 1313 - 1326 (2017)
Journal Article
Dos Remedios, N.; Küpper, C.; Székely, T.; Baker, N.; Versfeld, W.; Lee, P. L. M.: Genetic isolation in an endemic African habitat specialist. Ibis 159 (4), pp. 792 - 802 (2017)
Journal Article
Eberhart-Phillips, L. J.; Küpper, C.; Miller, T. E. X.; Cruz-López, M.; Maher, K. H.; dos Remedios, N.; Stoffel, M. A.; Hoffman, J. I.; Krüger, O.; Székely, T.: Sex-specific early survival drives adult sex ratio bias in snowy plovers and impacts mating system and population growth. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 114 (27), pp. E5474 - E5481 (2017)
Journal Article
Maher, K. H.; Eberhart-Phillips, L. J.; Kosztolányi, A.; dos Remedios, N.; Carmona-Isunza, M. C.; Cruz-López, M.; Zefania, S.; St. Clair, J. J. H.; Alrashidi, M.; Weston, M. A. et al.; Serrano-Meneses, M. A.; Krüger, O.; Hoffman, J. I.; Székely, T.; Burke, T.; Küpper, C.: High fidelity: Extra-pair fertilisations in eight Charadrius plover species are not associated with parental relatedness or social mating system. Journal of Avian Biology 48 (7), pp. 910 - 920 (2017)
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