PhD Projects 2016

This is the list of our 2016 PhD projects. All projects are fully funded for at least 3 years. Application deadline was January 15, 2016.
Keywords Organismal Biology, behaviour, ecology, evolution, physiology, neurobiology
Advisor to be contacted with an own research proposal more
Keywords: genomics, speciation, hybridisation, immune gene evolution, disease ecology, avian influenza Main advisors: Robert Kraus, Inge Müller, Martin Wikelski, MPIO Radolfzell more
Keywords self-organisation, collective animal behaviour, social networks, tracking, natural selection, multi-level selection, evolution, phenotypic traits, group composition, vocal communications Main advisor Damien Farine, MPIO Radolfzell / University Konstanz
Keywords sociality, hierarchy, optimality, learning, neurobiology, adaptation, selection, ecology, cichlid, invertebrate, tracking 
Main advisor Alex Jordan, MPIO Radolfzell / University Konstanz more
Keywords parallel evolution, coloration, cichlid fishes, forward genetics, evo-devo
Advisor Axel Meyer + Claudius Kratochwil, University of Konstanz more
Keywords sensory perception, convergent evolution, taste behavior, cell-culture assays, frugivory, nectarivory, diet, digestive physiology, T1Rs
Main advisor Maude Baldwin, MPIO Seewiesen more
Keywords mate choice, extra-pair paternity, sperm competition, inbreeding, biostatistics, GPS tracking, PIT-tag, pair bond, quantitative genetics, macro-evolution
Advisors Wolfgang Forstmeier, Mihai Valcu, Bart Kempenaers, MPIO Seewiesen more
Keywords genomic conflicts,quantitative genetics, population genomics, QTL-mapping, bioinformatics, biostatistics, genomic selection signatures, sex-biased expression, transcriptomics
Advisors Wolfgang Forstmeier, Jakob Mueller, MPIO Seewiesen more
Keywords swarm, schooling, behavior, information, fish, locusts, tracking, computer vision, virtual reality, self-organization, decision-making, individual differences, evolution
Main adviser Iain Couzin, MPIO Radolfzell / University Konstanz more
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