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Briga, M.; Jimeno, B.; Verhulst, S.: Coupling lifespan and aging? The age at onset of body mass decline associates positively with sex-specific lifespan but negatively with environment-specific lifespan. Experimental Gerontology 119, pp. 111 - 119 (2019)
Journal Article
Casagrande, S.; Hau, M.: Telomere attrition: Metabolic regulation and signalling function? Biology Letters 15 (3), 20180885 (2019)
Journal Article
Jimeno, B.; Hau, M.; Gómez-Díaz, E.; Verhulst, S.: Developmental conditions modulate DNA methylation at the glucocorticoid receptor gene with cascading effects on expression and corticosterone levels in zebra finches. Scientific Reports 9, 15869 (2019)
Journal Article
Mentesana, L.; Isaksson, C.; Goymann, W.; Andersson, M. N.; Trappschuh, M.; Hau, M.: Female variation in allocation of steroid hormones, antioxidants and fatty acids: A multilevel analysis in a wild passerine bird. Journal of Avian Biology 50 (1), e01859 (2019)
Journal Article
Vitousek, M. N.; Johnson, M. A.; Downs, C. J.; Miller, E. T.; Martin, L. B.; Francis, C. D.; Donald, J. W.; Fuxjager, M. J.; Goymann, W.; Hau, M. et al.; Husak, J. F.; Kircher, B. K.; Knapp, R.; Schoenle, L. A.; Williams, T. D.: Macroevolutionary patterning in glucocorticoids suggests different selective pressures shape baseline and stress-induced levels. American Naturalist 193 (6), pp. 866 - 880 (2019)
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