PhD Projects 2015

This is the list of our 2015 PhD projects. All projects are fully funded for at least 3 years. Application deadline was January 15, 2015.

Open PhD positions for own proposal elaboration within Organismal Biology
Keywords Organismal Biology, behaviour, ecology, evolution, physiology, neurobiology
Advisor to be contacted with an own research proposal more
<strong>Evolutionary Genetics of the Embryo Mortality Puzzle in the Zebra Finch</strong>

Key words genomics, QTL mapping, genetic incompatibility, selfish DNA, infertility

Main advisor Wolfgang Forstmeier, MPIO Seewiesen more
Ecological genomics in urbanizing burrowing owls

Keywords population genomics, bioinformatics, selection signatures, urbanization, genotype-phenotype associations, birds

Main advisor Jakob Mueller, MPIO Seewiesen

Comparative Analysis of Sexual Selection in Parrots of the World

Key words sexual selection, mating behaviour, parrots, comparative analysis, phylogeny

Advisors Mihai Valcu & Bart Kempenaers, MPIO Seewiesen, in collaboration with Auguste von Bayern more
<strong>Early Sexual Development of the Chicken Brain</strong>
Keywords Sexual development, chicken brain, transgenic, gene expression techniques, microscopy
Main advisor Manfred Gahr, MPIO Seewiesen more
<strong>Collective Animal Behaviour</strong>
Keywords swarm, schooling, behavior, information, fish, locusts, tracking, computer vision, virtual reality, self-organization, decision-making, individual differences, evolution
Main adviser Iain Couzin, MPIO Radolfzell / University Konstanz more
<strong>Computational Approaches to the Experimental Study of Animal Collectives</strong>

Keywords swarm, school, behavior, information, automated tracking, machine learning, virtual reality, inverse methodologies.

Main adviser Iain Couzin, MPIO, Konstanz more
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