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Dr. Mäggi Hieber Ruiz
Dr. Mäggi Hieber Ruiz
IMPRS Coordinator
Phone: +49 7531 88-4916
Fax: +49 7531 88-4917
Room: Konstanz
Evi Fricke
Evi Fricke
Technical Assistant
Phone: +49 7531 88-4790
Room: Konstanz

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All seminars, symposia, and workshops organized by the IMPRS for Organismal Biology are free of any charges for IMPRS fellows. Please, register latest 2 weeks in advance via email.

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Upcoming IMPRS Events

Getting Published & Understanding Peer Review

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Getting Published & Understanding Peer Review

Learning to write and respond to reviewers' comments are vital skills for early-career researchers to master if they wish to become established scientists. However, these skills are often neglected, forcing researchers to learn them by trial and error. By learning to address reviewers' comments, young researchers not only increase their chances of getting their work published but also learn to think critically about their own research. Equally, by becoming better reviewers, researchers can raise their profiles with journal editors. Becoming an invited reviewer for a prestigious journal is an opportunity for researchers to enhance their academic reputation and improve their career prospects. [more]

Outreach mit MaxCine

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Outreach mit MaxCine

Communicating your research to the public authentically! With the MaxCine team, we will develop individual ways to present our own research clearly and to make the public curious about our work, to raise awareness for science and to include young people in our work. [more]

IMPRS Symposium for Alumni + Early Career Researchers

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IMPRS Symposium for Alumni + Early Career Researchers

Junior scientists make an important contribution at gaining scientific and social insight and knowledge. At the same time, the predictability of an academic career becomes more and more difficult and the uncertainty in the course of a scientific career continues to grow. The 'IMPRS Symposium for Alumni + Early Career Researchers' aims to show diverse career options within and outside science and to discuss different strategies for successful networking and communication by bringing together our alumni, current IMPRS PhD candidates and external experts. [more]

Scientists need more

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This 3-day workshops is obligatory for the new phD students and offers a first overview on how to get started. AIM - The development of scientific competence of researchers at Max Planck institutes is a major goal. Ph.D. students improve their communication with the supervisor and colleagues, develop professional skills in team working, networking, planning and project management and know how to use feedback in order to deliver a successful performance. This will enhance their overall effectiveness as they pursue their research studies and maximize success of their future careers. METHOD - Participants will experience interactive lectures, moderated discussions and perform activities to learn from first-hand experience. We will safely move them outside their “comfort zone” to the “learning zone” (Gerald Hüther) to enhance acquisition of novel skills. The experienced challenges are discussed in carefully moderated and focused review sessions, using peer-to-peer feedback as a powerful tool. [more]

Scientific Writing for Advanced Students

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Scientific Writing for Advanced Students

Being a scientist means one must have many skills and talents – intimidatingly so sometimes. And writing papers is one of the most important ones. It’s the currency into which we turn our research and also the most important means for the community to judge us by. Luckily, like most aspects of science it’s a skill that we can improve and this course will help you with this. [more]

Improved Reading

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Improved Reading - Changing the way you read

Reading is the key qualification for academic work and in professional life - we often spend several hours a day. Yet, reading training usually stops at Primary school, and nowadays we are ill equipped for dealing with the mass of information confronting us. Our priority is text comprehension – which is only possible by increasing speed and developing a flexible reading strategy. [more]

Conference Presentation: Engaging the Listener in Your Talk

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Conference Presentation: Engaging the Listener in Your Talk

This activity-based workshop led by theatre professionals provides participants the opportunity to perfect their public-speaking skills, to improve non-verbal communication and the ability to listen and react generously. Participants are required to prepare a three to five minute overview of their work incorporating also the use of a slide, providing a basis for applying the practical aims of the workshop, which are to communicate the importance and relevance of the work and the core message in the talk. [more]

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