Meg Crofoot with a school class "Science exclusive"

Lectures and Events

We provide lectures for kids and grown ups with international scientists on a regular basis.

We offer a series of lectures called “Kids go Science” and “Science goes Public.” Both were offered for the first time on May 8, 2010 as part of the “Naturerlebniswoche Baden-Württemberg.

“Kids go Science” is directed toward children and adolescents.  Younger researchers and PhD candidates introduce their work through age-appropriate games.

“Science goes Public” invites interested individuals to exchange information with our researchers reporting from their current work. Often, new ideas are brought up in these discussions.

Both lecture series take place at various locations including our institute and other interesting sites in cooperation with third parties (e.g. museums, Meersburg palace hall etc.)

Further information regarding these lectures is available on this site or on the homepage from Möggingen and in the local press.

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