Welcome back at the Max-Planck-Institute for Ornithology!

The success of our Institute is based not only on knowledge gained by current research, but also on excellent work that has been done in the past by you as a former colleague. We aim to promote further exchange with active scientists and Alumni, and would like to keep in touch with anyone who has contributed to our Institutes in the past.

We therefore invite you to join the worldwide Alumni association of the Max Planck Society. In maxNet, you may build your personal network by re-establishing contacts with your former colleagues, join discussion forums or create new ones and also keep up to date with exclusive information of our Institute and the MPS.

Prerequisite for registration is that you have worked for at least six months at the MPI for Ornithology (since 2004), the Max Planck Research Centre for Ornithology (1998-2004) or the MPI for Behavioural Ecology (before 1998) as research associate, visiting researcher, fellow, Postdoc or non-scientific colleague.

If this is the case, please follow the Link to maxNet.

After your registration you will receive a confirmation from us. With a personal code you can then enter secured pages with MPS-internal information. On this basis, you can update your own data and determine who can get access to which areas of your profile. Please also remember to keep your profile up to date.

Do you know former co-workers you cannot find in maxNet? It would be great if you informed them about this possibility to re-establish connections between you and to current colleagues of the MPI for Ornithology.

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