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Dr. Daniel Piechowski
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Publications of the Department

Publications of the Department since Foundation 2008

Journal Article (399)

  1. 1.
    Abrahms, B.; Seidel, D. P.; Dougherty, E.; Hazen, E. L.; Bograd, S. J.; Wilson, A. M.; McNutt, J. W.; Costa, D. P.; Blake, S.; Brashares, J. S. et al.; Getz, W. M.: Suite of simple metrics reveals common movement syndromes across vertebrate taxa. BMC Movement Ecology 2, 12 (2017)
  2. 2.
    Apfelbeck, B. A.; Mortega, K. G.; Flinks, H.; Illera, J. C.; Helm, B.: Testosterone, territorial response, and song in seasonally breeding tropical and temperate stonechats. BMC Evolutionary Biology 17, 101 (2017)
  3. 3.
    Apfelbeck, B.; Helm, B.; Illera, J. C.; Mortega, K. G.; Smiddy, P.; Evans, N. P.: Baseline and stress-induced levels of corticosterone in male and female Afrotropical and European temperate stonechats during breeding. BMC Evolutionary Biology 17, 114 (2017)
  4. 4.
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  5. 5.
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  6. 6.
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  7. 7.
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  8. 8.
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  9. 9.
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  10. 10.
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  11. 11.
    Dechmann, D. K. N.; Hertel, M.; Wikelski, M.: Individuelles Schrumpfen und erneutes Wachsen als Winteranpassung bei hochmetabolischen Tieren. Jahrbuch - Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, pp. 1 - 7 (2017)
  12. 12.
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  13. 13.
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  14. 14.
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  15. 15.
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  16. 16.
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  17. 17.
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  18. 18.
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  19. 19.
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  20. 20.
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  21. 21.
    Norbu, N.; Ugyen; Wikelski, M.; Wilcove, D. S.: Partial altitudinal migration of the near threatened satyr tragopan Tragopan satyra in the Bhutan Himalayas: Implications for conservation in mountainous environments. Oryx 51 (1), pp. 166 - 173 (2017)
  22. 22.
    Peron, G.; Fleming, C. H.; Duriez, O.; Fluhr, J.; Itty, C.; Lambertucci, S.; Safi, K.; Shepard, E. L. C.; Calabrese, J. M.: The energy landscape predicts flight height and wind turbine collision hazard in three species of large soaring raptor. Journal of Applied Ecology (2017)
  23. 23.
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  24. 24.
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  25. 25.
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  26. 26.
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  27. 27.
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  28. 28.
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  29. 29.
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  30. 30.
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  31. 31.
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  32. 32.
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  33. 33.
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  34. 34.
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  35. 35.
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