Staff April 2017

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Leonie Baier
IMPRS Doctoral Student
  • +49 8157 932-419
Thejasvi Beleyur
IMPRS Doctoral Student
  • +49 8157 932-295
Nicole Drenkard
Team Assistant
  • + 49 8157 932-328
Dr. Holger R. Goerlitz
Research Group Leader
  • +49 8157 932-372
Dr. Stefan Greif
Guest Researcher
  • +49 8157 932-376
Karin Renate Heckel-Merz
Animal Care
  • +49 8157 932-381
Claire Hermans
Research Scientist
Antoniya Hubancheva
Doctoral Student
Theresa Hügel
IMPRS Doctoral Student
  • +49 8157 932-443
Dr. Klemen Koselj
Guest Researcher
  • +49 8157 932-399
Daniel Lewanzik
Postdoctoral Researcher
  • +49 8157 932-378
Verena Reininger
MSc student
  • +49 8157 932-376

Former group members


  • Dr. Vincent van Meir (until 2015): Acoustic communication and heterospecific species interactions

PhD students:

  • Dr. Jinhong Luo (until 2015; Bats, ambient noise, and global warming; now a Postdoc in the lab of Cynthia Moss, Johns Hopkins University, USA)

MSc students:

  • Samuel Kaiser (2016-2017): Thermoperception in Phyllostomus discolor. Samuel then worked as research intern with Gerry Carter, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama
  • Kate Morozova (2016; Dominance hierarchy and aggression-call based individual recognition in Phyllostomus discolor. Kate then conducted a research internship with Yossi Yovel, Tel Aviv University
  • Ella Lattenkamp (2015; Passive listening and dynamic echolocation in horseshoe bats; now conducting a PhD with Lutz Wiegrebe, LMU München, and Sonja Vernes, MPI for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen)

Interns & Research students:

  • Claire Guérin (2016, EES MSc Research Internship; Modelling of temporal jamming in free-moving bat aggregations)
  • Ileana Sáenz-Soto (2016, EES MSc Research Internship, Moth evasive flight reaction)
  • Martina Großman (2016; Student Intern, Dynamic echolocation and animal training), now MSc student at EES LMU
  • Dylan Gomes (2015/16; Fulbright Exchange Student; Bats and noise), now a PhD student with Jesse Barber at Boise State University
  • Samuel Kaiser (2015/16; MSc Technical Biology, University of Stuttgart; Dynamic echolocation), now MSc student with us
  • Rožle Kaučič (2015; ERASMUS Exchange Student; Dynamic echolocation), now MSc student at University Ljublijana
  • Amanda Munoz Pohlman (2015; EES MSC Research Internship, LMU Munich; Heterospecific species recognition in echolocating bats)
  • Elisavet Zagkle (2014/15; EES MSc Research Internship, LMU Munich, Dynamic echolocation)
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