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Dr. Sabine Spehn
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Jennifer Golbol
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Press Releases


Bats use the evening sky’s polarization pattern for orientation

July 22, 2014
Max Planck scientists discover new sensory capability in a mammal [more]

Predators predict longevity of birds

April 29, 2014
Max Planck scientists discover the secret for a long life in birds [more]

Plumes in the sleeping avian brain

March 05, 2014
Brain activity during slow-wave-sleep differs between mammals and birds [more]

Cuckoos stay on course

January 13, 2014
On their loop migration covering thousands of kilometres to their winter quarters in Central Africa, the birds hardly deviate from their path [more]

Hands off – please

November 26, 2013
Friendly information signs reduce vandalism on scientific equipment [more]
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