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Dr. Sabine Spehn
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Jennifer Golbol
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Press Releases


Song learning in a time lapse

August 26, 2015
Late-hatched canaries learn their songs as well as early-hatched birds [more]

GPS transmitters can protect animals from poaching

August 07, 2015
The case of Cecil shows: with the help of satellite transmitter systems, researchers can determine the cause of death of animals almost in real time [more]

Baboons follow the majority

July 17, 2015
In a baboon group, any member can set the direction - not just the highest-ranking animal [more]

Bold crickets have a shorter life

April 23, 2015
Differences in personality influence survival in field crickets [more]

Artificial night lighting causes birds to sing earlier

March 17, 2015
Light pollution influences the seasonal start of bird vocalisations [more]
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